We are conscious that every aspect of our construction processes has the potential to have an impact on the environment. 

Our aim is to minimise and reduce this impact by instilling within our management and workforce teams our core values of protecting the environment and enhancing the lives of those within it.

To do this we ensure our Environmental Policy Manual is clearly communicated, understood and implemented through our management processes which are accredited and audited in accordance with BS EN ISO 14001 : 2004.  This is supported by a structured training programme and regular review of our processes.

We are constantly striving to reduce the effect our processes have on the environment by:-

  • Minimising waste through reducing, re-using and recycling
  • Procuring sustainable materials
  • Employing local labour and supply chain resources
  • Reducing the carbon footprint of our business operations
  • Reducing our energy consumption
  • Monitoring the environmental performance on our projects and throughout the business
  • Providing on going environmental awareness training to our employees and supply chain.

Our accreditations