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CSR is more than a box ticking exercise for us, we are committed to serving our community and championing social value. This begins with employing a dedicated local management and workforce team, and widens out in various ways. 

Developing a structured training plan for our management and workforce teams that includes a training programme specifically for apprentices and young professionals.

Allocating two health, safety and environmental training and awareness stand down days each year for all our operational teams in addition to ongoing training for individuals throughout the year.

Training Construction Ambassadors and Enterprise Advisors to provide ongoing support and careers advice to local schools to help them to understand how the construction industry works and the many career opportunities available within the industry.

Provide active support to the Cumbria Training group and a member of the Lancashire Skills Pledge. 

Provide ongoing support to our neighbours at the Carnforth Heritage Centre and to various charities and local communities by way of donations and sponsorships.

Alongside our clients, we also tailor social value initiatives into specific projects that are time or location specific.

We believe there is more to the successful operation of a company than simply creating financial wealth. We are focussed on nurturing long term relationships with our employees, clients and the wider community, creating a well rounded business that positively impacts everyone.