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Moorfield Park

Persimmon & Jones Homes
Civil Engineering

Colin Briscoe Construction Ltd (CBC) delivered Highway Improvements at three junction locations within Poulton-Le-Fylde associated to the Moorfield Park residential development site. Works included resurfacing, carriageway widening, footway widening, signals, road markings, traffic signs and other civil engineering elements associated with the scheme.

The location of the project was split across 4 sites:

Garstang Road East General Works – Garstang Road East

Along Persimmon Homes / Jones Homes development

Junction 3 – Garstang Road East / Moorland Road

Junction 4 – Garstang Road East / Argyle Road / Holts Lane

Junction 10 – Moorland Road / Little Poulton Lane

Work was undertaken in accordance with the specification for highway works and Lancashire County Council specifications and standard details. The award to CBC was based on the most economically submitted tender based on quality and price. The quality submission was assessed on CBC’s experience and approach to:

• Health & Safety (effective Covid-19 RAMS and safe working practices)

• Construction Programme

• CV’s of Key Personnel

• Details of the proposed site set-up and access routes

CBC provided a dedicated project management team and experienced in house and specialist supply chain resources headed up by the Senior Construction Team. A robust construction phase plan was prepared and implemented, responding to the PCI prepared by Persimmon and Jones Homes, CBC liaised and collaborated with a range of designers and stakeholders across various phases of the Project. Some of the Garstang Road East General Works drawings were developed by Ironside Farrer and others by SCP.

Works also included:

• All electrical and lighting works

• All puffin crossing works

• Footway / cycleway road markings at two entrances into housing development

• Both give way signs at exits of housing development

• All shared footway / cycleway signage across Garstang Road East

• Road markings at Bracewell Avenue junction

• Eastbound footway / cycleway final surface course